About Profboard

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About Profboard

Profboard started in 2008 – based on an idea of having one cuttingboard for all food ingrediencies.

The solution we found was to make a cutting board with a patented click system, in order to click on sheets in different colors for the different food ingrediencies.

This solution enables you to change quickly between the different food produces in a hygienic way. The colour coded sheets apply to the HACCP system, which is an international term for color-codes to cutting boards coming in contact with food produces.

Our Profboards are used by chefs and other food enthusiasts all over the world.

From 2008 and up to now we have been investing ongoing in modern CNC technology in our production, and we have from the first start only used first class raw materials in our products.

We are proud of our products which follows Danish Design tradition and will continue to improve our products and developing new products.

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