Payment and safety

Which payment methods can I use at

In our shop you can pay with Dankort, Visa and MasterCard. We can register the payment with the same and starting processing of your order. Profboard Production ApS does not have the option to increase the amount you have approved, and we cannot see the information you have received. The payment itself takes place via a so-called secure connection (SSL Secure Socket Layer). This means that all the information you send is encrypted so that no one can read it. The transmission is approved by PBS and ensures you the greatest possible security around the transfer. When you are in a secure zone, a small “Secure Server” icon will appear at the bottom of your browser window. In Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape Navigator 4, this is a small icon and closed padlock.

If you represent a company or a public institution, you may contact us for payment by invoice.

Profboard Production does not collect the payment until the goods have been dispatched, so with a payment card the period from the money being paid to the goods being received is as short as possible. When you use a payment card to shop through Profboard Production ApS, we ask you for the following information from your card:

Name of cardholder (embossed into the card on the front)

Card number (16 digits printed in the card on the front)

Expiry date (printed in the card on the front)

Check digits (three digits written on the back of the card just above the magnetic strip on the far right)

Profboard Production cannot see any of this information at any time, therefore we cannot change the payment either, but we can refrain from withdrawing the money or reducing the amount, should this be necessary.

If the order is cancelled, cf. below, after the item has been dispatched, we can only refund your payment if you provide us with your bank details.

In general, the security of card payments over the Internet does not depend on the individual website. In order to get an agreement with PBS, which manages all card payments, the security of the various payment modules is checked before a collaboration is approved. The cooperation can be terminated by PBS at any time if a store does not comply with the standards required by PBS. PBS guarantees consumers’ money, so for up to one month after the payment has been withdrawn from an account, it is possible to decline this payment. Your bank can do that for you. Legally, only your signature or PIN binds you to a payment, so even if someone has had the opportunity to copy information from this card, you are not liable.

When will the money be withdrawn from my account?

The amount for the goods is only deducted when the goods are sent from us. An amount greater than what you have approved at the time of purchase can never be deducted. Our company name PROFBOARD PRODUCTION ApS will appear on your bank statement.

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