Profboard Sheets

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Profboard cutting sheets are made of high-quality PP (polypropylene).

Both sides of the sheets can be used and the material is gentle on your knives.

PP is food approved and can either be recycled or disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment.
Cutting sheets should be replaced at regular intervals – or when badly scratched. This ensures the best possible food hygiene.

Extra sheets are available in refill packs.

Profboard sheets comes in 7 colors:

  • Yellow for poultry
  • Blue for fish
  • White for dairy products
  • Green for fruit and vegetables
  • Red for raw meat
  • Black for serving and misc. items
  • Purple for vegan food


  • 28x28cm
  • 20x30cm
  • 24x34cm
  • 30x40cm
  • 30x50cm
  • 32,5x55cm
  • 40x60cm
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