Profboard Kombi Serie 870

425,00 kr.635,00 kr.

The use of high quality Virgin Polypropylen Material means, that your knives will stay sharper longer. It is stain and warp resistant and do not bend, chip or crack.  Furthermore, the base board is not in contact with your working surface – this ensures you a better hygiene.

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Profboard Kombi Serie 870 has been developed to improve the traditional plain cuttingboards. The problem with normal plan cutting boards is that you need to put a wet cloth under the cuttingboard, in order not to slide on the work surfaces. With Profboard Kombi Serie 870 you avoid this wet cloth, due to the clever designed rubber profile. With the rubber profile it stands firmly on the work surface, and furthermore you can flip it around in order to have a double function on your cutting board. One site with juicegroove and one without.


30×40 cm, 30×50 cm, 40×60 cm

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